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December 19, Christmas Special

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Upcoming Courses in Berlin

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Courses in 2015

23/24 May 2015: 101 of Raw Food

Location: Munich


January 2015: Bali Raw Food Retreat


Do you want to escape the cold grey winter days in January and learn all about my most delicious gouremt raw food in the most magical tropical surroundings of Bali and spend a week in total Bliss? Then join me for this 1 week journey to paradise. During this raw food retreat you will learn ALL about raw food preparation, from the simple to the more complex techniques. You will leave totally rejuvenated inspired and bring home not only a certificate but also all the magic from Bali.  

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Join me on a journey to vitalize your body indulging into the art of gourmet vegan raw cuisine and the rare practice of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and you will soon find that all the above will manifest in YOUR life.

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Bali Retreat

Jan 2015

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